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The current home of the Greenland Historical Society is this website.

Website News.Work is underway on this site of the Greenland Historical Society.The bare essentials posted concern the mission and activities of the organization.
Links and Documents.As we digitize documents, we'll upload them to this site.You will also find links to other documents, maps, and sites which share our interests.
Contact Us.We're a skeletal crew, but we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
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This is a detail from the design that Dean Katiniotis created
for use by the 300th Anniversary Committee.


Published by Karen

I've lived in Greenland, NH, since September 2010. There has been lots to discover here.

3 thoughts on “Look and Reflect …

  1. I am trying to find out the names of the tunes (most likely polkas) used for the first Kalattuuut danced in Greenland in the late 1700-early1800’s.


  2. I am trying to help someone locate the Davis Family cemetery and also try to find any information about Thomas Davis, who passed away in Greenland on 3 Dec 1834. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  3. Will any of the old homes near the church open to the public for the anniversary celebration ? It would be wonderful to get a glimpse of these wonderful treasures.


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