Collaboration. Extension. Growth.

2021-2022 Year 5 Report

Collaboration. Planning for Greenland’s 2021 Tricentennial began in Winter 2017. An unexpected benefit of time spent planning for the celebration was that it laid the groundwork for future collaboration and reestablishment of the Greenland Historical Society. The GHS program year 2021-2022 highlighted the benefits, as the GHS Board joined efforts with other civic groups to further build community.

Extension. GHS worked with Kimberly Alexander, the director of UNH Museum Studies, to arrange for work with an intern during the 2022 Spring Semester. Joe D’Alessandro, a graduate student in education with a B.A. in History, UNH ’21, did the following: scan and digitize documents in the archives; inventory contents in the town vault that overlap with material from Paul F. Hughes multi-volume, unpublished history of Greenland; and join the GHS committee currently collaborating with teachers at Greenland Central School to create a study unit featuring Greenland history.

Growth. As of 2021, Greenland Historical Society is one of nine societies that make up The Clamshell Group a regional network of historical societies in Rye, New Castle, North Hampton, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Seabrook, Elliot, and Newington.