Newsletters from 2017-2018

Programs for 2018-2019 to start in October 2018.

May 2018

Remembering Paul F. Hughes
His collection of Greenland history sparked a rebirth in the Historical Society.

✑Recent Donation: Thanks to the generosity of the Greenland Veteran’s Association, next year the GHS will be able to include programs from such organizations as NH “Humanities to Go.” The Society gratefully acknowledges the donation in the amount of $500.00 to GHS from the Veteran’s Association. Recent Acquisitions: (1) Frank Manter sent the Society paperwork about his property, the Dearborn Farm. (2) Last October, members talked about the original plays the Society performed as Readers Theater or staged productions. Barbie Hazzard gave the Society her copy of the play, “The Triple Creek Dam Affair” that was adapted from P. Polacco’s story and performed by G. Aichele and Mrs. Hadley’s 7th Grade English Classes in November 1997. Newest members: Kelly Sinclair and Donna Waldron. Welcome!

✑ Minutes of April 12th meeting: At 6:35 pm, the meeting opened with a welcome to the 18 people assembled who came to hear Jim Rolston talk about the history of the postal service in Greenland. The talk generated questions and discussion and led to stories of life in Greenland. It was agreed that the information Jim shared should find its way to the GHS website. Meeting closed by 8:00 pm following a brief social time with refreshments of cheeses and sweets.

✑ KK Mason, editor

March 2018

The April 12, 2018 meeting features Jim Rolston and his program on “Post Offices of Greenland.” Refreshments will be served at the Parish House at 44 Post Road – your choice of cheese and crackers, fruit, pies.

✑Greenland Historical Society in the news: Cut & paste (or type) this link into a web browser <; to read the article that Leonard submitted for publication in the March 2, 2018 edition of the NH Gazette.

✑Business: At the February 1st meeting the assembled group acknowledged that the Society should have minimal administrative structure in place so that the Society can conduct simple business. On February 28, Leonard Schwab, Gene Lynch, John Hirtle, and Karen Mason met. Gene agreed to serve as Treasurer, Leonard and Karen will continue as facilitators, and John will continue as technical advisor to the Society. All will fulfill these duties through June 2018 when the Society can discuss organization for the future. Activity since the February 28 meeting of the four: the Society has a P.O. Box; a website; and an account in which to deposit dues and donations received. The box rental for six months came to $60. The website cost $48. The rental of the post box (size 2) and purchase of the website was covered by the $210 in dues and donations which has been collected since October 12, 2017. Gene will deposit monies. John advised and Leonard took the first step in creating a site on which ultimately will serve as a portal to all Greenland history the Society collects and scans, beginning with Paul F. Hughes’ work, A Pleasant, Abiding Place. The URL is

✑Minutes of February 1st meeting. At 6:35 pm, the meeting opened with 15 people assembled. Leonard received a request for genealogical information from F.A. Colley currently of Massachusetts. Discussion followed on the following: Create a website so that the digital file can be uploaded and searched by the public; obtain a copyright for Hughes’ 9-volume work; rent a P.O. Box; appoint a treasurer to keep accounts. The Society has $190 from dues as of February 1. Members returned the Parish Hall to pre-meeting conditions. Doors closed at 8:00 pm.

✑ KK Mason, editor

January 2018
“On Jan. 29, 1657, Leonard Weeks was granted 8 acres.” – from the Hughes’ Family Index.

December 2017 News. Fifteen people attended the regular meeting on December 14th, braving bitter cold, snow, ice, and flu. Members were served a choice of Beef Burgundy, Minestrone Soup, cheese and crackers, fruit, cookies and breads.

✑Business: Leonard Schwab recapped news of the Town of Greenland’s proposal to the National Endowment for the Humanities Common Heritage grant. The NEH received 68 valid proposals in 2017 but had funding for only 23. Our proposal was declined. Although this was disappointing, the good news is that since October, members of GHS-II have volunteered to work on goals and tasks identified in the proposal. By December 31, Leonard had scanned all 9 bound volumes of the Hughes’ Family Collection sitting in Weeks Library. Next steps include planning for a website. The Society has $170 from dues.

✑Discussion: Matters of GHS-II structure will be discussed at a future meeting. Annual dues are $10 and there is a need to open a bank account for the society. Karen Mason led a first round of discussion with members about the Society’s mission. Three goals were identified for further consideration: 1.) Preserve: GHS-II aims to digitize documents accumulated by the original GHS and add more, including oral histories. 2.) Educate: Members seek to encourage appreciation for history in general and Greenland history in particular. GHS-II sees opportunity to develop programs of interest to the general public and coordinate study units with classroom teachers. 3.) Be Active. Members have an abiding interest in making the past come alive, connecting names and dates to what can be experienced. Also, we will support the Committee for Greenland’s 300th Anniversary.

Excursions. Outings and other activities, called GHS-II Excursions, will occur in alternate months and times from regular GHS Meetings. An outing to consider for January is featured at right. GHS-II Excursion for March-April time frame: A visit to the Weeks Brick House. Watch for details.

Abbreviated Minutes of December meeting. Members welcomed at 6:35 pm by Karen Mason. Fifteen people attended. Leonard Schwab recapped news on NEH grant and on tasks identified for the Common Heritage grant proposal, currently works-in-progress. There was extended discussion on the purpose of GHS-II, the activities that members would like to support, and the need to identify officers or, at a minimum, a facilitator and treasurer. $100 was received for 10 annual memberships, bringing the number of paid memberships (or donations) to 17, for a total of $170 in the GHS-II treasury. Members helped clean up and return the Parish Hall to pre-meeting conditions. Doors closed at 8:00 pm.

✑ KK Mason, editor

October 2017

32 people attended the Greenland Historical Society re-boot on Thursday, October 12th. Paul F. Hughes, unofficial Town historian and member of the previous GHS, gave a brief survey of facts connected with Greenland, from early 1600s through the 1990s. The meeting included time for socializing with light refreshment of fruit, cheese and crackers, ice tea, seltzer, and water. $50 was received for 5 annual memberships.

Mr. Hughes has written a history of Greenland built from the facts and figures about the town and inhabitants that he and his parents gleaned from various news sources. Their work – a collection of print and photographs – fills 12 notebooks and sits in the Weeks Public Library. Work is underway to digitize the Hughes’ Family Collection. Details of the Common Heritage Program to come at the December meeting. More volunteers are welcome. The next GHS-II Meeting is December 14 at 6:30 pm. A hearty soup, bread, fruit and cheese, and dessert will be served in the Parish Hall of the Community Congregational Church.

Excursions. People expressed interest in getting out and about to Greenland sites, so Leonard is looking into possible excursions, with a visit to the Weeks Brick House first on the list. These outings will be called GHS-II Excursions and occur in alternate months to GHS Meetings, to accommodate more schedules. Watch for details. Organization: Members determine the mission and leadership of the new Greenland Historical Society, but for the first programs, Leonard Schwab and Karen Mason are acting as organizers, relying on suggestions from You. Contact Karen at 603.580.1944 and Leonard at 603.431.8459.

Abbreviated Minutes from the First Meeting. The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm by Karen Mason who introduced the co-founder of the new society, Leonard Schwab (who kept minutes). In time, Society members will decide on officers and structure. ✑Karen briefly described the Common Heritage Program, where grants are awarded through the National Endowment for the Humanities. (The program is described on the reverse of this page.) A first project for interested GHS members, already underway is the digitization of the Hughes’ Family Collection. Karen and Leonard have spent some hours transcribing written index cards into Excel format. John Hirtle has volunteered his expertise and equipment. More volunteers are needed. ✑Leonard Schwab discussed the importance of having a vision for the society. The original society accumulated material of historical interest (the Hughes’ Family Collection). One of the first goals of the new Greenland Historical Society will be to preserve the collection in electronic form and add more material. Ultimately, the GHS-II will digitize paper-based histories of the Town which are currently only found in people’s homes – not in libraries and public museums.

✑ KK Mason, editor

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