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March 2018

The April 12, 2018 meeting features Jim Rolston and his program on “Post Offices of Greenland.” Refreshments will be served at the Parish House at 44 Post Road – your choice of cheese and crackers, fruit, pies.

Greenland Historical Society in the news:

Click http://www.nhgazette.com/pdf to read the article that Leonard submitted for publication in the March 2, 2018 edition of the NH Gazette.

✑Business: At the February 1st meeting the assembled group acknowledged that the Society should have minimal administrative structure in place so that the Society can conduct simple business. On February 28, Leonard Schwab, Gene Lynch, John Hirtle, and Karen Mason met. Gene agreed to serve as Treasurer, Leonard and Karen will continue as facilitators, and John will continue as technical advisor to the Society. All will fulfill these duties through June 2018 when the Society can discuss organization for the future. Activity since the February 28 meeting of the four: the Society has a P.O. Box; a website; and an account in which to deposit dues and donations received. The box rental for six months came to $60. The website cost $48. The rental of the post box (size 2) and purchase of the website was covered by the $210 in dues and donations which has been collected since October 12, 2017. Gene will deposit monies. John advised and Leonard took the first step in creating a site on WordPress.org which ultimately will serve as a portal to all Greenland history the Society collects and scans, beginning with Paul F. Hughes’ work, A Pleasant, Abiding Place.

Minutes of February 1st meeting

At 6:35 pm, the meeting opened with 15 people assembled. Leonard received a request for genealogical information from F.A. Colley currently of Massachusetts. Discussion followed on the following: Create a website so that the digital file can be uploaded and searched by the public; obtain a copyright for Hughes’ 9-volume work; rent a P.O. Box; appoint a treasurer to keep accounts. The Society has $190 from dues as of February 1. Members returned the Parish Hall to pre-meeting conditions. Doors closed at 8:00 pm.

KK Mason, editor