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May 2018

Remembering Paul F. Hughes

His collection of Greenland history sparked a rebirth in the Historical Society.

Recent Donation

Thanks to the generosity of the Greenland Veteran’s Association, next year the GHS will be able to include programs from such organizations as NH “Humanities to Go.” The Society gratefully acknowledges the donation in the amount of $500.00 to GHS from the Veteran’s Association. Recent Acquisitions: (1) Frank Manter sent the Society paperwork about his property, the Dearborn Farm. (2) Last October, members talked about the original plays the Society performed as Readers Theater or staged productions. Barbie Hazzard gave the Society her copy of the play, “The Triple Creek Dam Affair” that was adapted from P. Polacco’s story and performed by G. Aichele and Mrs. Hadley’s 7th Grade English Classes in November 1997. Newest members: Kelly Sinclair and Donna Waldron. Welcome!

Minutes of April 12th meeting

At 6:35 pm, the meeting opened with a welcome to the 18 people assembled who came to hear Jim Rolston talk about the history of the postal service in Greenland. The talk generated questions and discussion and led to stories of life in Greenland. It was agreed that the information Jim shared should find its way to the GHS website. Meeting closed by 8:00 pm following a brief social time with refreshments of cheeses and sweets.

KK Mason, editor