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Berry Homestead

Located on Breakfast Hill Road, this house was erected by Thomas Berry, son of William Berry who was an early settler in Rye in 1632. The Eastern Railroad line once ran to the west of the house across Breakfast Hill Road.
This house was occupied in 1776 by Thomas Berry Jr., a descendant of William Berry who was the first settler in
Rye 1n 1632. Erected circa 1736 by Thomas Berry, the present house still bears the original clapboards, wrought
nails and some of the glass in the attic windows, although there are some modern changes including the stone piazza
and bay window. The present owner is Doctor Emer Sewall, the eighth generation to reside there. His daughter,
Janet, is the current resident and represents the ninth generation to live there and the twelth generation to live in the
New Hampshire seacoast area since 1631.