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Bethany Church

Tracing their roots to the original Rye congregation in 1726, the church on Breakfast Hill is the largest of several facilities belonging to the Bethany Congregation.

Lower Parsonage

Built to entice Reverend William Allen to come and preach in Greenland, this structure hosted parish meetings until the church was finished.

Greenland Parish House

Originally the First Methodist Meetinghouse, it became a parish house when the Methodist congregation merged with the Congregationalists.

Community Congregational Church of Greenland

While the congregation can date its origins back to 1706, the current structure overlooking the Parade was erected in 1756 after a fire burned down the original on the corner of Cemetery Lane. It has seen many changes over the ages, and serves the community to this day.

Breakfast Hill

On the morning of June 26, 1696, a band of Abenaki and their captives from an attack on Portsmouth Plains were found eating their breakfast in Greenland. When confronted by the local militia, the Native Americans fled, leaving their plunder, prisoners, and giving a name to the hill.

Hillside Cemetery

The largest of an estimated thirty ancient burial grounds in Greenland, Hillside Cemetery was laid out in 1705, near the town’s first Congregational Meetinghouse. An adjacent area known as the Prospect Hill Cemetery was established at the end of Cemetery Lane in 1895, and is currently in use.

Winnicut River

The word Winnicut has been translated from Abenaki to mean “Beautiful Place” or “Where Water Pours Out”. Once home to at least eleven mills that ground flour and cut lumber, the Winnicut River provides drainage for much of the town. The final dam on the river was removed after 2003 restoring it to its natural state.