This site is maintained by volunteers and the GHS Board: Leonard Schwab, president; Karen Mason, facilitator; Eugene Lynch, treasurer; John Hirtle, I.T.; and Donna Waldron and Bette Hirtle, Program.

In March 2020, when restrictions were put in place on social groups due to Covid, the GHS had already completed all but one program planned for 2019-2020. That program on the centennial of Central School planned for April, was postponed till Fall 2020. Although the program has since been cancelled, Bette and John Hirtle are making plans for exhibits and booklets to be displayed around Greenland.

However, since March, the Board has held regular Zoom meetings to plan how best to live out the motto of GHS in these changing circumstances. Each of us has been able to focus on our respective projects due to the fact that we have so much more unscheduled time. All results of research will be shared on this site and in programs next year, 2021, the Tricentennial of the Town of Greenland.

We appreciate the interest shown in this site and make every attempt to respond to requests in good time.

What People Say

If anyone came to the library with a question about family genealogy or town history, in search of any information having to do with Greenland, NH, Paul Hughes could help them find the answers.
Bonnie Gardner
Past Director of Weeks Public Library

It was the wish of the Hughes Family that their collected papers stay with the Greenland Historical Society.

Robin Hughes
Executor to Hughes Family Estate

Bluebird Storage Unit provided necessary housing for the Hughes Papers until Greenland Historical Society finds a permanent home for them. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

Board, Greenland Historical Society

Let’s build something together.

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