Projects Ongoing — Volunteers Welcome

Board members generate projects through personal interest, but other projects
are suggested through inquiries to the GHS website, emails from Town Clerk, Library Director, etc.
Contact any Board member directly with your query or an offer to help. 

Over 50 boxes of paper, slides, MSs, small articles collected by the Hughes Family.

Hughes Family Collection. Since January 2019, Mark Willis, historian, and members of the GHS Board have been sorting through the Hughes Family Collection in our preliminary efforts to archive the material. The Collection is housed temporarily in a storage unit at Bluebird Storage in Greenland. A significant number of GHS members have indicated willingness to help with a variety of tasks connected to the preservation of the collection. You have not been forgotten, but it was difficult to call volunteers because of how much sorting needed to be done in a limited work space. Mark has identified specific tasks for individuals. Please contact Karen Mason for more information at <> or 603.366.6336. (Leave a message if no one answers.)

Greenland Story Corps–recording memories of Greenland. John Hirtle and Bette Hirtle have interviewed 10 individuals. The oral histories, family anecdotes and stories will be a unique resource for the town. These ten are only a start, according to Bette, who taught Greenland history as a study unit in her Third Grade classes when she taught at Greenland Central School. The Society needs volunteers to record, video, write down, or otherwise capture people’s stories about Greenland. 

Houses of Greenland. Our town celebrated its Tricentennial in September 2021. The trolley car excursion past “Important Houses of Greenland” was made easier to follow with the map created by John Hirtle. Alison Mann, historian, researched a long list of houses and sites of interest in Greenland to create the booklet used in conjunction with John’s map/brochure. There are more houses to research.

Cemetery Work. “Who’s Buried in Hillside?” Donna Waldron, Greenland Cemetery Trustee and GHS Board member, has presented her research as programs and also compiled an online booklet for self-guided tours during Greenland’s 300th.

Grant Writing. Organizations are willing to grant funds to groups like GHS. Leonard Schwab has begun to assess GHS needs in order to write for grants that could underwrite or offset the cost of GHS projects. If you would like to be on his committee, contact him at 603.661.5209 or <>.

Photographs, Slides, Video, and Audio. John and Bette Hirtle scanned a trove of slides from the Hughes family. Many other photographs and documents are waiting to be done. There are also video and audio files that need attention.

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