End of Year Report 2018-2019

Year 2, the year that was

GHS is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with a bank account at Newburyport Bank, Portsmouth. The Greenland Historical Society in Greenland, NH successfully registered with the NH Secretary of State as a non-profit organization and obtained an Employer Identification Number (EIN) in order to apply for 501(c)(3) non-profit status with the IRS. These documents enabled GHS officers to open a bank account. All future donations to the GHS are tax deductable. Memberships and donations enable the Society to fulfill the goals of GHS.

The average attendance was 33 at the four GHS programs in 2018-2019: “The Piscataqua Gundalow” (Oct 18), “Holiday Reception for Members” held at 480 Portsmouth Ave” (Dec 8), “Annual Reports” (Feb 9), and “Black Jack Staines and the Black Heritage Trail NH” (Apr 6). Of the $489 collected in dues and donations, $330 was designated as payment for dues.

Administrative structure: There have been no changes made to the administrative structure since when members agreed in the inaugural year that the Society have minimal organization in place. The GHS Officers make up the Board: Leonard Schwab (President), Karen Mason (Facilitator), Gene Lynch (Treasurer), John Hirtle (IT), and Bette Hirtle and Donna Waldron (Program). Please contact any Board member to volunteer ideas or assistance.

Work Accomplished, Work Ongoing

Katiniotis’s design for Greenland’s Tricentennial

Tri-centennial Celebration. Member Dean Katiniotis’s design has been reproduced on green and white banners as part of the preparation for Greenland’s Tri-centennial Anniversary. Leonard and Karen represent the Society on the planning committee for Greenland’s 300th Anniversary. GHS can help in 2021 with a picnic and tours.

Website needs a developer. Desperately. Contact a GHS Board member. Our site needs help, and we want to keep it very simple.

Creating a Greenland Story Corps—Audio Archive? Video Archive?

Our Growing Photo Archive—Scan. Digitize.

Fulfilling the Purpose of the Society:

1.) Preserve—the Hughes Family Collection. Mark Willis and Karen Mason have been sorting and categorizing the 51 boxes in the Bluebird Storage Unit. Now that this initial organization is nearing an end, those other members who have volunteered their time for this sizeable task will be contacted—or you can contact them directly. Priorities are scanning photographs and transcribing diaries and original research.

2.) Educate—Veterans Buried in Hillside and Prospect Hill Cemeteries. Donna Waldron and her committee have a multi-faceted project underway to restore proper signage to the cemeteries, clean gravestones, identify gravesites of veterans, and offer tours with a narrative about the individuals. The GHS program in November will report on progress and serve as a public launch of this ambitious undertaking. There are many mysteries left behind as a result of “different times, different people,” and the manner in which society managed realities of the day. Contact Donna at 603.501.0839 or <waldrondl@icloud.com>.

3.) Be Active. The Board is nothing if not Active. Board members generate projects through their interest, but some projects find their way to the GHS, thanks to our Town Clerk and Library Director who divert requests for information to us. A recent project suggested by a Ms. Jones, and forwarded to the GHS by Weeks Public Library Director, would be an ideal project for an Eagle Scout Badge: cleaning gravestones and bringing to light the story of the people buried there. Speak to Donna Waldron who is already at work on a similar project. (See above in #2.)

Thank you, Bill Goodison of Bluebird Storage, Patrick Walsh of Zax Signage, Pam Andersen of High Flying Flag Co. & the Town of Greenland. The Society is indeed grateful to these individuals for the manner in which they have made possible GHS projects undertaken by GHS and or the Town with GHS members. We would note especially that the storage unit has been loaned, free of charge.